Environmental Narrative Design Project

Solo Project

As a part of my IGAD study, I was required to do a specialization project. I wanted to learn about the best practices in creating environmental narrative games in relation to Virtual Reality hardware. So for this project, I created a game for the Oculus Rift in which the player would immediately feel a certain atmosphere when walking through the level.

In the game, the player pieces together information about what happened and what they have to do in order to progress. This information is given by visual clues, items (such as logbooks) and solving puzzles within the level. The player can walk around, investigate the scene and interact or use specific objects. Eventually they will have to confront the “monster” and outsmart it by solving the major puzzle.

I started with a general game design and from there on I began creating the level, programmed the game mechanics, inserted the environmental signposting and programmed the AI for the “monster”. I also learned about how to optimize the performance of a VR-Game and how to implement and work with the Oculus Rift SDK. This project was a great challenge for me as I handled every aspect of the game myself.

Video coming soon!