Team Project

PilloFish is a game made in unity to help disabled people train their motoric skills as well as their timing by utilizing the simple imput method of theĀ Pillo controller. This controller allows disabled people to give accurate input using the simple mechanic of squeezing the pillow. This can be done in multiple ways.

The game is a two player game in which the fish (which are shaped after the Pillo for easy recognition) are controled by the players. Preferably a guide and one disabled person. The fish rotate automatically and once the Pillo is being squeezed, all the water inside of the fish is blown out of him, launching the fish into the opposite direction. The fish will automatically suck up the golden nuggets which spawn from the top of the level if the fish is near. The player can then squeeze the Pillo to launch the nugget into a direction.

The goal of the game is to work together to score as many points as possible by launching the nuggets into the treasure chest at the bottom of the aquarium.

The team working on this project consists of 5 people including myself. I was responsible for the quality of the design and programming various parts of the game together with the other programmer. The programming was done in C# in the Unity3D Engine.