I am Lucien Bos, a full stack developer with a love for clean code and beautiful designs. I studied Game Design (IGAD) at the NHTV in Breda. Born in 1991 and raised in The Netherlands, which is also where I currently live. I enjoy programming and designing games, apps, websites and software.

I like to indulge myself in learning more programming languages. At the moment I am fairly fluent in a number of programming languages. I am always finetuning and expanding these skills by programming on a daily basis.

My other hobbies are playing and learning the Japanese language, collecting video games and consoles, reading manga, snowboarding and playing my bass-guitar. My favorite games are RPGs due to the complex stories which unfold as the player progresses in the games.


Nationality: Dutch
Birthyear: 1991
Languages: Dutch (Native), English (Fluent)
Hobbies: Gaming, Programming, Manga, Snowboarding, Bass-guitar, Learning Japanese

Email: info@lucienbos.com

Full Curriculum Vitae
Programming Languages
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Angular2
  • Javascript (Jquery)
  • C# (MVC & Unity)
  • ActionScript 2 & 3
  • React
  • PHP

Application Skills
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Unity3D
  • UDK
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Telerik Platform
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender
Favorite Games
  • (Dark) Souls Series
  • Final Fantasy Series
  • Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Series
  • Metroid (Prime) Series
  • Legend of Zelda Series
  • Bioshock Series
  • The Last of Us