Welcome to my portfolio website.
I enjoy creating videogames, software and apps.
You can check out some of my current and past projects below.


On these projects I have worked as both a programmer and a designer.



Zenji is a small web app which you can use to help you learn Japanese Kanji readings and meanings.

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Floow Formulier Generator

Telerik Platform / Cordova

Manage, create and fill in your own custom forms with this mobile app designed for Floow users.

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Robot Dungeon Takedown

Unity3D Engine

This 3D Dungeon Crawler game was my graduation project and features random dungeon generation.

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Unity3D Engine

In this minimalistic action-puzzle game the player has to collide with all the combo-cubes and chain them all in order to clear a level.

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Unity3D Engine

In this Virtual Reality game, the player pieces together information about what happened and what they have to do in order to progress.

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Unity3D Engine

PilloFish is a game which was created to help disabled people train their motoric skills as well as their timing by utilizing the simple imput method of the Pillo controller.

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On these projects I have worked as a designer only.

Cullinan City Heist

OGRE3D Engine

In this offline multiplayer racing/karting (party) game the players will battle each other and try to deliver as many diamonds as possible to the center of the map.

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Portal 2 Level Design

Portal 2 Level Editor

Four levels of increasing difficulty created in the Portal 2 Level Editor which eventually combines multiple mechanics into one big puzzle.

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About me

I am Lucien Bos, one of those people who enjoys seeing (and writing) beautiful code and design. I studied Game Design (IGAD) at the NHTV in Breda and currently working as a full stack (web & app) developer. Born in 1991 and raised in The Netherlands, which is also where I currently live. I enjoy both the programming and the designing of games, apps, websites and software.

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